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Quick Google Chrome Shortcuts

Google chrome is one of the best web browsers out there. There are some hidden features, shortcuts to be more specific in Google Chrome. Remember that we are talking about Google Chrome built for Desktop or laptop.

Today we are going to show you some of the most cool trick you can do with Google Chrome. Most of these shortcuts are working on all browsers including Firefox, safari etc.

Create new tab in Google Chrome

If you want to open a new tab in google chrome. But don’t feel comfortable to drag the cursor up. Now you can open a new tab by pressing CTRL+T on PC and Command+T on MAC.

Open recently closed Tab.

You can open the same page again if you have mistakenly closed it. Just press CTRL+Shift+T and you are good to go.

View source of any page

This feature is very usefull for all the developers out there. This feature is meant to see the HTML code of a page. Just press CTRL+U from your keyboard and the source will come right in front of you.

Force any click to open in new tab

Many times we find ourself wanting to open a new link in a new tab. Yes we can do this by right click but holding control key while clicking the link also does the same job.

Closing all tabs except one

This is a hidden feature of google chrome which makes closing all tabs except some, makes alot more easier. You just have to click and drag down the tab you want to keep. The tab will be there is a new window and now all you have to do is close the window which has all other tabs.

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