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How To Remove Annoying Sounds From Facebook App

Facebook have added new sounds on actions in their latest updates of app for smartphones and these sounds are like Bleep – Bloop – Blop on different actions you did on app like if you like any post, it produce the annoying sound and similarly if you did comment or refresh the news feed, it produces the same annoying sounds.

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These annoying sounds are really teasing for the people who are using the app and also the ones who are sitting with with you. Now come to the topic that how to remove these annoying sounds from facebook app, well it’s pretty easy and the best thing is that you didn’t have to keep your whole phone silent. Here’s how you can do it.

Head over to right column or drawer just after the notifications icon. Now scroll down and select the app settings and after that you will be able to see the sounds option, just hit that annoying sounds option and it will now turnoff those bloody annoying to remove sounds from facebook app

That’s it and as you are now in the deepest settings then just make sure the other settings as you want them. You can read our other useful and exclusive how to guides here and rest you can also join our facebook group for getting technical assistance anytime you want. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for getting all our latest articles on different topics of android, IOS and server management.

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