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Samsung Galaxy S6 , S6 Edge MWC 2015

At MWC 2015, Samsung unveiled their latest Galaxy Smartphone, Galaxy S6. The phone received a lot of criticism because of it’s similar to iPhone 6 chases. The Company this time dumped Plastic completely and went for Glass and metal, Compromising some of features Samsung Galaxy is known for.

The all new Samsung galaxy S6 has 2 variants, Flat one and Edge version. The edge version makes the phone feel alot more slim in hand, than actually it is. Both theĀ front and back have Gorilla Glass 4. To make the first look more easy for our readers, we have made lists of both, Improvements and Drawbacks of Galaxy S6.

Improvements in Galaxy S6

  1. Samsung has made the phone entirely from Metal and Glass which makes the phone give you a premium feel in hand.
  2. 3GB of Ram which is increased by an entire GB from previous version of Galaxy Smartphone.
  3. Back side of the phone has a Mirror finish which is going to be an addition for Females to check on their make-up. šŸ˜›
  4. The display is bumped and now it has a 5.1-inch QuadHD Display which makes it the most dens display at the time of writing this post. 577 Pixels per inch.
  5. Rear facing camera is now a 16megaPixels f1.9 aperture lens which makes the low light performance too good.
  6. Front facing camera is also a 5megaPixels f1.9 aperture lens which will make low light selfies come better.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S6 also comes in 128GB version which is not available in Galaxy S5.
  8. Quick Charging, which allows you to charge the device for upto 4 hours of use in just 10 minutes.

Drawbacks of Galaxy S6

  1. The mirror feel atĀ the back makes the phone a REAL Finger-print magnet, and you have to wipe the phone more than often.
  2. You no more have access to the embedded battery and there is not MicroSD expansion for External storage.
  3. The Heart-Rate and Blood Oxygen level Sensors are now moved towards the side of Rear camera which makes them a little hard to reach.
  4. Ā Samsung has made their own Exynos octaCore chipsets for S6 and S6-edge. These chipsets run at 2ghz for S6 and 2.5GHz for S6-edge. according to previous repute of Exynos chips, We’ve welcomed Snapdragon 810 more warmly than Exynos.
  5. The Battery is of a 2550 Mah capacity, which is not a good point considering an octaCore SoC and QuadHD display under the hood.
  6. Dual Edged display makes it look like the phone from future. But the edges are more easy to mistake touches.
  7. The camera at the back is more outer than what you expect. This stops the phone to lye flat on table.

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