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Seene Now On Android

Seene is a application which allow its users to take 3D pictures and share them on social media platforms. Seene is probably the first app of this concept and now there are many competitors but seene always be the priority. Seene is basically a IOS application and has been available at IOS store since oct 2013. But now the app have make its way to google play store.

The application does exactly the same as the other 3D camera competitors did, it will take your 3D picture by allowing to stretch your hands to pan your image and there will be a circle meter at the center which will show you the panning progress. If you do it perfectly that is slow and with a slight arc, you will now see a clear 3D pictur with some depth and dimensions. The app is very cool and impressive.

Now after you have taken a neat and clean 3D image, it will give options of the old typical social media features but you don’t have to use that features as the app allowed you to take pictures and browse them without getting your self registered.

But if you still want to use the social media features then you will be able to upload you 3D images to servers to let the people see them. You can also enter to the picture’s thread and leave your comment on it or you can heart that picture.

On the tile based timeline, where your new pictures will show, you can also discover many other seenes in different categories. In addition to that, on the top you can also see the editors pick and popular seenes. seene on android

This app also comes with some missing features which is that you can’t take photos of the thing which are in motion and the other is that even if you have taken perfect photo, it shows graphical error. Other than these bugs or missing things, the app is pretty awesome and it is a great addition the social media seene.

Seene have done its job superbly at taking 3D pictures. If you want to explore the capabilities of your smartphone camera then you should try seene app. Currently the app is live at google play and you can simply visit the link below or play store on the phone.

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