Share files via Bluetooth from your iPhone.

As all of the iPhone users know that iPhones are coming with Bluetooth radio or transmitter but the bluetooth profiles supported by an iPhone are very less and File Transfer Profile is not among supported profiles.

The reason being iPhone users can’t transfer files with other Bluetooth devices despite having hardware support, and that is the most common application of Bluetooth.

Over the last couple of years, there are some jailbreak tweaks and mods available to enable Bluetooth file sharing to any device via Bluetooth such as Celeste, AirBlue Sharing.

If you bought Celeste, then you may probably recall that it was quite buggy. CocoaNuts, who is the developers of Celeste, wanted to change that perception. They have launched a newer version of Celeste on Cydia, and called it Celeste 2, which brought up with a bunch of improvements, and more importantly, seemed to be a lot more stable then its predecessor.

After the moment you install Celeste 2, you will get a new option which says “Share with Celeste” with the Bluetooth icon in the sharing screen in a number of apps like Photos, Contacts, Safari, Notes, iPod/Music, iBooks, Dropbox, DisplayRecorder etc, which makes it really easy to transfer the files to a Bluetooth device .



The moment you install the tweak a new app appears up on your home screen, allowing you to toggle a couple of in-app settings. If “Show app on receive” is toggled on, it will launch the app automatically and show you the progress of the incoming file. A quick Notification widget is also included which will allow the user to transfer file, needs to be enabled from the Settings app (Settings > Notifications > Celeste).



If “Import with Gremlin” is toggled on, it will add the received music and video files in the native apps on your iPhone.

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