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Social Duplicator Updated for iOS 8 [Use Mupltiple Accounts]

Social Duplicator is a Cydia tweak created by F0u4d,  author of this tweak. Social Duplicator is tweak which creates a clone for your favorite social Application(s). Users are allowed to use two or more different accounts by using this tweak by creating a clone of the Application, Check out the ScreenShot for more idea about this tweak:-

Social Duplicator Updated for iOS 8 [Use Mupltiple Accounts]

In the above click there are 3 different accounts using on WhatsApp by creating the clone of the App using Social Duplicator, 2 different accounts using on Skype, 2 aacounts using on Facebook and there are 2 different accounts running on SnapChat as well as on DropBox, working simultaneously by using the Social Duplicator Cydia tweak.

Apple have launched latest firmware for different iOS devices which is iOS 8 released on September 17, 2014. After release of this iOS version Pangu team launched Jailbreak for iOS 8 and many Apps and Tweaks were updated for this iOS 8. Users are waiting for some tweaks to be updated for iOS 8 and for kind information Social Duplicator is also one them which is now updated for iOS 8 users.

For iOS 8 it is known as Social Duplicator 2 as we know for other iOS versions it is known as Social Duplicator in Cydia. There are some features of this tweak are given next read them for more information:-

Features of Social Duplicator:-

  • Create a clone of your favorite Social Application
  • Update your cloned Apps to latest version
  • Choose Custom Display name for each clone
  • Custom icon color support for each clone

This tweak is much useful for those users who are tired of by logging in logging out from the apps for use of other account. User can customize the clone by assigning different color to the icon by giving different one name. For all this there are more settings availble in the stock’s iOS setting, after installing this tweak you can find settings for making clone in stock settings,

Settings > drag upward > Social Duplicator

After going into additional settings of the tweak you will create a clone of the Application

Social Duplicator Updated for iOS 8 [Use Mupltiple Accounts]

Social Duplicator Updated for iOS 8 [Use Mupltiple Accounts]

Social Duplicator Updated for iOS 8 [Use Mupltiple Accounts]

Social Duplicator Updated for iOS 8 [Use Mupltiple Accounts]

These are some screenshoots while creating a clone of facebook messenger app, you can also create a clone like this. More about the tweak is that this tweak is available in Cydia means only Jailbreak users can use this tweak. This tweak is commercial package users can find it in BigBoss repo for $1.99.

Those iOS 8 users who dont have Cydia and want this tweak read the given article

Method to Get Cydia on iOS 8

Those users who have Cydia follow this method to install this tweak:-

  1. Go to Cydia
  2. Head over to search tab
  3. Type Social Duplicator
  4. Install this tweak by Purchasing this

Here is a method to Get this tweak for free of cost, that is by adding Hackyouriphone repo, Follow the steps next:-

  1. Head over to Sources tab
  2. Tap edit on top right corner
  3. Tap add
  4. Type this link there
  5. Now follow the above given method to install this tweak

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