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Sony Xperia Z4 – Specs And Release Date

2015 is going to be a year in which a great war of flagships gonna take place. As we have discussed all the specs and rumors about Galaxy S6 here and now we are here with all the exclusive and latest news and rumors about the upcoming flagship ‘Sony Xperia Z4’ which will be the successor of Xperia Z3. 

Sony Xperia Z4 Display And Design


According to the rumors and leaks, sony xperia Z4 will be a big smartphone with 5.5 inches screen having a QuadHD or 4K IPS NEO TRILIMINIUS display and we think because of its display, it will take edge on S6. QuadHD with IPS Neo triliminius technology is evolve from normal IPS and have such an amazing pros like Highest resolution a device can get, higher picture quality, low power consumption and light and thinnest structure.

Now coming to Z4’s design and look which is the most important thing in smartphone which attracts users to them. Sony is giving their flagships amazing looks and design since launch of xperia z1 and if we talk about the rumors then sony is making Z4 with pure aluminium and making its body uni shaped. It’s whole body will be water resistance and also this time some rumors are there that it will be a shocked absorb body but still there are no confirmations. It will be a slimmer phone which makes it more beautiful and attractive.

Xperia Z4 Specifications

Sony has done amazing job here as the company packed Z4 with excellent hardware which users expect for flagships. Xperia Z4 featuring a 64 bit Quadcore Snapdragon S810 processor with 4GB of RAM. There will be two models on basis of storage, one will be the base model which will have 32GB internal memory and the other one will have 64GB memory.
A 21MP high speed auto-focus camera with CMOS image sensor which will take amazing photos and will record videos with 4k resolution. Its front camera is still mystery.


We can know rest of some features by reviewing the features of snapdragon s810 features. It will have a CAT-6 LTE connectivity which can take and give super speeds ie., 300Mbps. Faster wifi speeds and longer battery life are the two more features which it will have. Rest of the features of Snapdragon s810, you can see below

mgeeky snapdrogngraph

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Xperia Z4 Price And Release Date

Well we have heard that sony xperia z4 will be the only flagship which will released in 2015 by sony and we are much sure that it more than the upgraded z3 and will be available in between march and april of 2015. We can expect its price by letting our eyes on Z2 and Z3 prices. Z3 is currently available for pre-order in UK for 549 GBP which is off contract so we can only guess it currently. We think it will be worth buying device.

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