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Spotify Fix (unlimited skip and no shuffle)

Spotify is a music app that let you to listen to your favorite songs and music at your finger tips. it had million users and it is a very useful and easy app to use . People always wonder about the app that give them the instant and latest songs for them. No doubt spotify is one of them. All the music lovers use this application and they feel like they have everything. This app has a very good vocal and sound. Search on this make them easy and go. Thanks to apple and ios who creats the iphone ipads and especiaaly the ipod that have a great audible quality. Also thanks to the creator of cydia. After you got your iphone or ipod jailbreak You can install the ipa file of spotify. You can downlaod it on itunes and it will b located inyour iphone and you can install it using itunes or its alternative. Be make sure that you have installed the appsync (tweak) from cydia.

The one who want to be in touch with music i suggested him to use this app it is very useful and handy one. There are  options for spotify and many other app that are useful for spotify. there are other download managers that are available in app store. Spotify let you to listen the music online and its time saving.

Now the thing us that there are some problems in using the spotify .Peoples are facing problems . somestimes there is a error or sometimes there is a ad coming on the front page . there is suffle and search problem . Ok what i am gonna di us to tell you about how to fix that all thes errors and mess. We will gonna quick play and we can our own type and any search we want.

the procedure for that is you should have a jailbreaken iphone or ipod. No matter whats the ios is. You should have the spotify app installed in it or you can get this app by the procedure that i told you earlier.

  • open app store
  • install spotify
  • Open cydia
  • Add this source ” ” and wait
  • Return to cydia
  • Search BDayspotify
  • install this and wait.


Open up your application and it will work for you. Hope that you like my method. 🙂  Please leave your comments and tell us your compliments. Also share it.

Thanks to team

Cheers! 😀

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