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“Stealth Cam” Now Take Photo/Video When Your iOS Device Is In Sleep Mode

Apple iOS is one of the most trending Platform in the World. After launching iOS “Saurik” created an other Store for iOS users which is known as “Cydia” in other words it is known as Jailbreak. This jailbreak is much useful for iOS users and I recommend all iOS users to go with this Jailbreak as the use of the jailbreak is that it adds new features to your iOS life.

Now you can capture Photos or Videos even when your iOS device is in LockMode or in Sleepmode. You are now do this when you have a Jailbroken iOS device, capture videos or photos without unlocking your phone or by touching the screen. Stealth Cam is a Cydia tweak which allow jailbreak users to allow for this function. Stealth Cam is like a SpyCam you can capture videos or photos without any more effort, no shuffle sound happens also.

 Introduction About This Tweak:-

Stealth Cam is created by “Malcom Hall”. Stealth Cam is actually an Application which allow users to take Photos or Videos Secretly. Great for use in situations where no photography is allowed for example in a meeting or a Function where Cameras are not Allowed.

"Stealth Cam" Now Take Photo/Video When Your iOS Device Is In Sleep Mode

For Undercover use please ensure to reduce or mute the ringer for make it more secret as it is suggested. You this App/Tweak at your own Responsibility, and obey all local laws Photography.

How this Works? :-

This Tweak supports Front Camera of your phone as well as back camera. You can use volume buttons of your phone to use this tweak any where and then you can capture videos/photos. Just assign the volume buttons with the activator for this tweak then use this tweak to capture videos nakedly. Shut off the shutter down for capturing photos more secretly. All the Photos or Videos which you would record will be saved in Photos ( iOS stock Photo Album)

About Tweak in Cydia:-

This tweak is Available in BigBoss Repo as Commercial Package for $0.99 . This App is Compatible with all those iDevices which have back or front camera. iOS 5 or Greater is required to install this tweak. As iOS 8 is new one firmware of Apple devices, Cydia is updated for this version and if you dont have Cydia on your iOS 8 then Check out this tutorial

How To Get Cydia on iOS 8. 1. 2 or iOS 8. 1. 1

To Get this tweak for free of cost Follow the steps:-

  • Open Cydia
  • Head over to Sources tab
  • Tap Edit, present on top right
  • Then Tap Add
  • Add this source
  • Search for the Tweak
  • Install the tweak
  • Restart the SpringBoard
  • Done

Available On AppStore:-

This is also available on AppStore for $0.99. Check out the link here.

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