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TouchOS KitKat ROM for QMobile X900 High

Qmobile released two versions of X900. One with 16GB ROM and 2GB RAM other with 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM. Today we are releasing TouchOS ROM for QMobile X900 2GB Version. This ROM is built by Pratikmore for Xolo Play 8x 1100. Which is a clone of QMobile X900. We just made this ROM boot on QMobile X900 and checked for bugs.


  1. Kitkat based ROM
  2. Touch OS with lag free experience.
  3. Very fast and Stable UI
  4. Smart Gestures are also included
  5. Very low RAM usage.

Download Links:

TouchOS custom rom for qmobile x900


Download link for TouchOS Qmobile X900



  1. You should have your QMobile X900 rooted and CWM recovery installed. If not, follow this link.
  2. Download the ROM from any of the links and save it in your phone’s SD Card.
  3. Reboot into recovery mode.
  4. We strongly recommend you to make backup of your current ROM before proceeding.
  5. Select “wipe Data/Factory Reset” and confirm by selecting Yes.
  6. Select “Install zip form SDCard” and select the ROM Zip file.
  7. Choose yes to confirm the installation.
  8. After the installation is finished. You can select “reboot system”

Congratulations! You have successfully installed TouchOS ROM on your QMobile X900 16gb version.


  1. Pratikmore, the guy who ported it to Xolo Play 8X 1100
  2. Mohsin, for testing this ROM on QMobile X900 and providing screenshots.
  3. Team MGeeky

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