How to transfer files From Android and iPhone to New iOS device

Today we’re going to show you a few ways to pack up the files from last year’s phone and move them over to your shiny new iDevice. After hearing about the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus you may be considering an upgrade. If you’re holding off because you don’t want to start all over on a new device, then listen up.

Transferring files from old iPhone to New iPhone

If you’re already an iPhone user, there are two easy ways to move all that stuff over. The first is the tried-and-true method of an iTunes backup. Just connect your phone to your computer, open up itunes and go through the backup options in itunes.

Grab your new iPhone, turn it on and connect it to the same computer. Select restore from iTunes backup and follow the instructions.

If you’re more of a cord cutting not tied to a desktop person, you can do an iCloud backup if you’ve gone for the premium iCloud storage. This is a simple method. On your phone go to Settings > iCloud backup. Make sure the iCloud Backup is turned ON. Tap “Backup Now,” now just go over to your new iPhone, Power it ON and select Restore from iCloud backup and proceed from there.

Transferring files from Android to iOS

For Android users transitioning to Apple, Apple has made it easy to move from the Google world to the Fruitopia of iOS via an app on your Android device.  Download the “Move to iOS” app. This will copy over all your Contacts, Message History, Photos, Mail, Apps, and Calendars.

Transfer files from android to iPhone
Download Move to iOS

If you have any Android-only apps or any widgets, it won’t be able to get those. But everything else is good to go. Once those are downloaded, go to your new iPhone and select move data from Android. And Apple will walk you through the rest. Intelligent girl.

Third party apps

Last but not the least, there are third-party apps. A few companies have created software that essentially duplicates the iTunes transfer experience. That means you download some Software, Connect your phones and let the software transfer the selected information. Some of these companies offer unique features like merging data. If you’ve already started using your new iPhone without moving your data, first look for an app called AnyTrans if that’s you. Or if you want to support some smaller app-developers, checkout SynciOS or Wondershare, Who make competitors to Apple’s “Move to iOS” app.

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