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USSD Code Gevey Fixed

USSD code running is a commonly known issue on all gevey devices, which have updated with iOS version. Many users are facing this problem after updating there iOS version (firmware). When ever dial a code with # and * code not works as it goes for dialing as a normal phone call.For example in Pakistan we use Mobilink code for check balance that is *111# but when dialing this code it not works, it goes as a normal phone call which not works.

USSD Code Gevey Fixed

To fix this USSD code running jailbreak is required. If dont have jailbreak device then consult google for the jailbreak of your iOS version.Done with jailbreak ? Now follow the steps carefully to fix this problem :-

How to fix USSD, Steps:-

1. Go to Cydia
2. Add repository (
3. Install “CommCenter patch for iOS 7”

4.Install ifile also

5. Run “iFile” and go at /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Default.bundle/carrier.plst

6. Click on carrier.plst and select “Viewer PList”
7. Flip through down and find the item SupportsSupplementaryServicesOver3GPP (turned it off)
8. Turn it “On” and click “Finish”
9. Reboot the device.
10. Rejoice working USSD requests.

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Is this trick work on all iphones or is there any way to check on which mobiles this trick will work?

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