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WatchBoard brings Apple Watch UI to your iOS 8

Aaron Ash, the creator of Barrel [Most downloaded Cydia tweak]. Now Aaron Ash comes up again with the best one Cydia tweak. It is a full HomeScreen replacement and Apple Watch lovers are surely love this tweak also. This tweak is available in BigBoss Repo and you can purchase it for $ 3.99.

WatchBoard is a customization for Jailbroken iOS 8 devices. Now you can watch Apple watch UI on your iPhone, iPod or iPad running on iOS 8.  It is much smooth in use as this tweak somes up with more than 100 icons support . Icons are  rearrangeable . Whole customization interference is Zoomable you can use it according to your settings.

WatchBoard brings Apple Watch UI to your iOS 8

From the author or creator of the Barrel tweak it is the most downloaded tweak and truly customize your phone look.Aeternum is the alternative of this tweak and cheaper too at $2.99. Some features of the WatchBoard are listed below check out them for more detail

Features of WatchBoard:-

  • Works in Portrait and Landscape orientation
  • You can adjust the space between the icons
  • Choose icon style as Circle or Rectangular
  • Show or hide the icon labels
  • Zoom out or zoom in according to your choice
  • Enable and disable option in Watchboard Settings

Once you can bought this tweak then use it on your all personal phone. This tweak is also avaiable for iPad as well. There is an Internal option able to disable or enable the tweak more over you can disable or enable the dock for most quick apps you use. Here is a screenshot of this tweak setting

WatchBoard brings Apple Watch UI to your iOS 8

Name of tweak: Watchboard

Version Available: 1.0.0-1

Commercial Package for: $3.99

Requirements: iOS 8.0-8.1

Tested on: iPhone 5s running on iOS 8.1

Available Repo: BigBoss

Author: Aaron Ash

Editor’s Rating:  3/5 Stars

If you do not have the Cydia then do jailbreak by Check out this link for help

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