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What is Xposed Framework – Explained

Today we’re gonna talk about What is Xposed Framework? who exactly uses it? and why you should know about it?

What is Xposed Framework?

By Definition, Xposed Framework needs root and it allows you to do system-level modification and tweaking without messing with code and compiling stuff. Instead of downloading a Custom ROM for your device, just to have some cool features of that particular ROM, You can Download and install Small Modules on any of your favourite ROM, and have those cool features that are available in another Custom ROM.

Basically, to better understand it, If you go out to a restaurant and order some pre-built meals, instead of having all the stuff comes with it like, Burger, Fries, Drink etc, you can simply order the burger if you want only that. Xposed framework works exactly the same way. Their are individual packages a.k.a Modules that you can pick for each feature you want to have in your current ROM.

So now you Know what exactly it is. Lets get to the Installation Process.

Installing Xposed Framework in any Android Device.

The first thing we need to do is to have Root on your Android Device. If you don’t have it, just root your device first and come back to the process. I have made a step-by-step guide to walk through the installation.

  1. Download the Xposed Installer from here
  2. Install the APK same as a normal APK
  3. Open the Xposed Installer
  4. There would be a few options it it including Framework, Modules, Download, Settings and About. Just Tap on Framework
  5. Tap on “Install/Update” and grant Root access.
  6. After that tap on OK and Reboot your Device.

Once Your Device is Rebooted successfully, You can now install different Modules from within the Xposed Installer App or by following THIS LINK.

Every time you Download and Install any Module, You have to activate that module by following this simple method.

  1. Open Xposed Installer
  2. Tap on Modules
  3. Check the module you have just installed
  4. Reboot your Device and you’re Done.

We’ve learnt what Xposed framework is, How it Works, How to Install it, How to Download and Activate different modules of your choice.

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