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5 Most-updated features in iOS 8

1-Battery Usage feature:-

A new valuable function in which permits you to view what’s consuming your battery existence over a per-app basis, this says to you simply how much battery each possesses employed throughout the last twenty four hours and also the a couple weeks ago. Open Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to determine what’s occurring.

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8

2-Quick Keyboard

Typing hasn’t been much easier – your QuickType keyboard presents predictive text messages and also AutoCorrect in a convenient to use in which rests earlier mentioned your keyboard

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8

3-Improved camera App:-

If you want utilizing your Camera, you’ll really like your changes on the Video camera software. Brand-new time-lapse function, better slow-motion, timer, coverage command plus more aside from, creating your iphone camera is the best worth in use.

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8


4-Improved Messaging:-

iOS 8 bring such a wonderful change in messeging app,while in Quick-reply capture the photo and mail it or send it through imessage or etc

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8


5-Interactive Notifications:-

The Notification Center is usually much more interactive, You can archive or Mark as read the Notification without multitasking the app.

You can also have a quick-reply for messages in Push Notifications

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8

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