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Android 4.4 Kitkat vs Android 5.0 Lollpop: Comparison

After the launch of polished android lollpop or L, rumors start rolling that the all new 5.0 version is having bugs and etc so we think why not to compare these two versions of android for you and also for us so that we can know which one is the best version for user use.

We are comparing these both versions on our nexus 4.

Holo vs Material Design:

This is the major difference between these two android versions. Holo design introduced a flat flat and clean Ui with mostly holo shades of white color but it was a little bit boring for everyone’s taste. On the other hand, material design brings a hell lot of changes and vast improvements with it. It is the new designing technique which is introduce by Google. It has bright colors and super minimal card based design. We hope you will like lollypop design more than kk.ss1mgeeky                                     Kitkat Homescreen             Lollpop Homescreen ©mgeeky

Lock screen:

Android L is more geared up when it comes to multitasking. Notifications and quick settings are all accessible directly from lockscreen now in lollypop. It has all under your fingertips. Kitkat has only one shortcut which is of camera at the bottom but lollpop lockscreen comes with another shortcut of dialer too. It also adds a new feature to lockscreen which is notifications at lockscreen. ss2mgeeky                                  Kitkat Lockscreen                  Lollpop Lockscreen ©mgeeky


Kitkat systemui was same as 4.3 jellybean just color changes to white and it was not what people expected. While 5.0 lollpop has all the taste that you want to taste when it comes to notification panel or system ui. It bought a full 360 degree change in systemui, all icons and layouts are new and changed. All things are clean and flat material designed.
ss3meegy                                                   Kitkat SystemUi ©mgeeky

ss7mgeeky                                            Lollypop SystemUi ©mgeeky

Recent Apps:

Kitkat have the same old recent apps area which was first introduced in 4.0 ics but as lollypop is the biggest android update till now, it comes with a whole new designed recent area. Its recent area is card based system which is scroll-able stack of the apps which are recently closed. It also have a search bar in it.
ss4mgeeky                                 Kitkat Recent Apps              Lollypop Recent Apps ©mgeeky

Settings Menu:

Kitkat settings have same old dark background and look like older versions and also icons was same which is boring for everyone. This area is also changed and improved in lollypop. It have white material shaded background with green icons and grey roboto fonts. It includes new features like new user profiles, new easter egg, ram monitor etc.
ss6mgeeky                                       Kitkat Settings                    Lollypop Settings ©mgeeky

App Drawer:

Android kitkat comess with not so much cool icons and app drawer. Lollypop comes with whole new beautiful icons and app drawer is no more transparent and is have the same material shaded white background as settings app.
ss5mgeeky                                 Kitkat App Drawer                Lollypop App Drawer ©mgeeky

More Features:

Lollypop loaded with a whole lot of other features except the ones which we discuss above. The thing we notice after using kk and lollypop is the battery timing and the battery saving feature which is really impressing. Another feature which inspires us a lot is the performance although kitkat have also excellent performance but on lollypop it is beyond the limits.

We consider lollypop is the best android version till now after the comparison, it is super smooth and super flat. Its eye catching material design is the core feature which insists us to declare it as the best one among all versions.

By Daniyal Sheikh

I am an experienced android developer and technology lover who loves to write about any topic related to technology. In short em a technology freak!

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