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Best Quick Replying Cydia Tweaks

There are many tweaks for cydia users which allow to have quick reply for different apps, however when you are using an application there will a pop-up comes out through which you can send quick reply for different messaging apps for example you are playing game on receiving message on Facebook Messenger there will pop-up comes out then your game will be paused and you have send a message from there.Let we discuss some famous Quick Replying Cydia tweaks here.

1- BiteSMS

BiteSms have more features, have ability for quick reply or to compose a message, it is the App for you which allow you to do all this with lots of extra features.


BiteSMS is working fully on almost all iOS devices and not working on iOS 8, but you can try this on your iOS 8.

2- Hermes


Herems is a light-weight cross platform for quick reply. You can use Hermes for quickreply to with iMessage, Whatsapp, and kik. Hermes is fully working on iOS 7 devices. As Hermes includes banner type quick reply option. This App is available in Cydia BigBoss repo for $0.99

 3- Couria


Couria is a Centralized and Customizable Quick Reply and Quick Compose System for iOS. The main tweak is compatible with SMS/imessage. It is easily extendable, all Notifications related stuff and user interaction such as tapping banner or Searching a content have been handled. You can apply different themes of your own choice, Using actiavator you can compose a Quick Message through Couria.

4- Auki


Auki is also one of the famous Quick Reply tweak. Auki is the best way experience quick reply on your iOS device. Auki does not stop at just quick reply, it is also delivers above and beyond key-feature

Auki is available right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $3.99.

5- Nuntius


Nuntius brings very good quick replying extentsion for iOS 8 users. Nuntius brings Quick reply function for Whatsapp users as it is shown in above picture. Add to your sources to get it for free.

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By Shaeel Iqbal

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