BioProtect (top cydia app for iOS)

Couple of months ago, Elias Limneos, designer of mods similar to SBRotator, CallBar, Submitted  a teaser online video of a completely new mod termed as “BioProtect” that will permit iPhone 5s users to lock apps using Touch ID.

The great thing is that BioProtect is currently on Cydia.

BioProtect (top cydia app for iOS)

BioProtect enables iPhone 5s users to protect their particular apps utilizing Touch ID. But in contrast to Applocker, BioProtect is an app only for  iPhone 5s jailbroken mod, because it depends on Touch ID FingerPrint Scanner, and doesn’t provide passcode solution as an alternative. The reason being it is not available for Non-Touch ID devices. It can simply lock apps and not folders at the moment.

In order to configure the particular apps you want to lock, Open the Settings app on your iDevice and navigate to BioProtect. This Settings page pointing towards BioProtect is also locked, and may always ask authentication using Touch ID.

BioProtect (top cydia app for iOS)

Whenever you try to Open or Launch a locked Application, the particular mod will quickly prompt to authenticate using your fingerprint. That displays an excellent computer animation whenever you tap on the Touch ID to be able to Unlock the particular Application.

BioProtect (top cydia app for iOS)

It also offers you an option to choose the colour of prompted Circle by Going to Settings App (Settings > BioProtect > Circle Color) to match color of your respective Device, for instance White, Black or Gold.

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