How to bypass Android’s lock screen pattern, PIN or password ROOT

, in this Post  i am going to show you how you can bypass android lock screen pin, pattern or password. without data loss

So just imagine a situation, where you have forgotten your lock screen pin, pattern or password.

So what you will do in that case.

So if your phone has forget password option. You will click on that. You will enter you Gmail ID and password and reset it.

So what if you also forgot the Gmail ID and password.

What you will do in that situation. So if your phone is not rooted. Then there is only 1 solution.

i.e. to factory reset your phone but if your phone is rooted and you have custom recovery like TWRP installed,

then there is a method to unlock your phone w/o losing the data. So let me tell you how to do that.
Project Recover Zip

So first of all you need to download this file. The link will be in the

Then you have to transfer this zip file to your Android phone. So how to do it, when your phone is locked.

So just take out the memory card of your phone and insert that into a memory card reader

and connect that memory card reader to your PC. Then transfer the file. Take out the memory card.
Insert it to your phone and then just switch off your phone.

If your phone doesn’t have Memory card option. then connect your phone to pc.Boot into twrp. Click on mount then mount MTP. Copy the file then flash it

Press vol up + power button or vol down + power button to boot into recovery.

Once you see the TWRP logo, release the keys and tap on install. Now select that zip file and swipe to install it.

Once it installed tap on reboot system now. So that’s it.

Once your phone reboots, your lock screen pin, pattern or password will be gone.

So i have tested this trick with all of my phones and the success rate is 100%. This trick works each and every time.

By Attiq Haroon

I am a blogger, having little knowledge of everything on MGeeky. Wordpress, Android, iOS, and very little knowledge of Linux.

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