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Change custom ROM without losing your data

If you like to try different custom ROMs on your android device, you should already know how difficult it is to download and setup all the apps you can’t live without. Now has found a way by which you can keep your data while switching ROMs. This process is still in experimental stages and may not work sometimes.


  • You need CWMR (ClockWork Mod Recovery) installed on your device.
  • At-least a couple of GBs of free space on your SD Card.
  • Patience, as this may take some time.
  • Previous ROM and new ROM should have same Android version. (IMPORTANT)

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Guide for keeping your data while switching ROMs

Before going towards guide, I should make one thing clear that I or wouldn’t be responsible of any loss you may do with your device.

Still with me? Cool, Now First of all you should make sure that you have at-least a couple of GBs free on your SD Card because we are going to make a backup of your current system and then restore it partially.

  1. Boot into Recovery and goto Backups and Restore.
  2. Take a complete backup of your current ROM.
  3. After completion, Simply Perform “Wipe data/ Factory Reset”
  4. And install which ever ROM you want to install.
  5. Boot into the new ROM and make sure that everything is working fine.
  6. Now you have to again boot into Recovery and goto “Backups and Restore” and then “Advanced Restore”.
  7. Select the backup you just made in step 2 and select Data partition to restore.
  8. Wait until restore is finished, Now “Reboot system” and you should have all your old data restored into new ROM.

Note: This step by step guide is only for those who are switching ROMs but the Android Version of ROMs are same. We tested this procedure in a couple of devices and found no Problem, If you find this process not working, You can restore complete backup.

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