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How To Control Computer Using Android Phone

Have you ever thought about using android and controlling your pc with it?
So without making you anxious we want to tell you its possible and you can do it just few minutes without touching the hardware.

RemoteDroid is the app which you can use to control your comp same like you do it with keyboard and mouse, you can say you can turn your device into a wireless keyboard or mouse.

You need only three basic things:

  • A wifi network which will be used to connect to pc.
  • On your device, wifi should be turned on.
  • RemoteDroid App should be installed on your phone.google_play_icon

So without wasting time, let the steps begin. After installing RemoteDroid app on your phone, you will also need to download and install Server Application on your pc from here

Now open remotedroid app and enter the i.p address of the network (you can find it on the window for RemoteDroid Server).  After you connect to network, it will create your phone a proxy type mouse and keyboard so you can use it for controlling.


Now after connecting, you can use the mouse cursor and can easily move it by moving your finger inside the section of mouse pad(you can see the above img#2 ), rest the left area will work as left click and right area will work as right click.

You can access the keyboard by tapping the middle section between left and right click area. If you use this app on EDGE or 2g, it will not work smoothly. You can control every program in your pc using this app.

RemoteDroid is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, linux etc. This app comes with two versions, one is free and the other one is paid version which has additional features like automatic connection  and other too.

One of the key use of this app is to control a media center. If you know any other use of it, share it in below comments.

By Daniyal Sheikh

I am an experienced android developer and technology lover who loves to write about any topic related to technology. In short em a technology freak!

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