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How to Delete Cydia Installed Tweaks/Apps From Springboard [iOS 8]

Thanks to Saurik who created this Jailbreak (Cydia) and many many thanks to those authors who have created such awesome and useful tweaks and apps for iOS users. We appreciated the author  Ryan Burke who have created such a use-able tweak for iOS users who have jailbreak their iDevice and have many Cydia tweaks and Apps Installed in the iOS 8 or 7.

Every time to delete a tweak or app by entering Cydia is time consumption as after opening Cydia it took a minute to load and also took a while to refresh all the changes ( refreshes the packages). Ryan Burke created such a tweak which allow its users to delete a tweak or App without entering Cydia, as tweak is named as Cydelete , well known app and much useful for the jailbreak users.

Like others Normal Appstore apps these Cydia installed tweaks and apps can also removed by long tap on any app and such like Winterboard, iFile, Springtomize etc. If you dont have this tweak you will have to get into Cydia and then you can delete the apps. This tweak is much useful for those who love jailbreak and a fan of cydia Apps and Tweaks.

How to Delete Cydia Installed Tweaks/Apps From Springboard [iOS 8]

While many Cydia Apps or tweaks have not icon on Springboard but some of them have an icon on Springboard. More over Apps like iFile, Barrel, Winterboard, Springtomize, Activator etc have thier icon placed on Springboard after installation.

Deleting Tweaks/Apps using Cydelete,

  • Install Cydelete from Cydia Bigboss Repo

  • Tap and Hold app icon on HomeScreen

  • Now you can see ‘X’ mark on the Cydia Apps also

  • Tap ‘x’ mark to delete

  • Confirm to delete by tap on Delete

It is confirmed that this tweak is Compatible with iOS 8 as well as with iOS 7 , for ios 7 and 8 search Cydelete8. This tweak is also compatible with those of old versions of iOS like 4, 5 and 6 , search Cydelete for old firmwares. In- Additional there are more settings available in stock Settings app of iOS version. This Great tweak is always free for you.

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