Downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2

iOS is the latest software update for iOS devices, Since it has been come it is not mostly liked by the users so they want to downgrade this ios version to old one which is iOS 7. 1. 2

Before you start this downgrade backup your all data to have no any lost. There are two methods to backup your device

1-Backup using iCloud

In this method iCloud i.d is used for backup. Backup will be saved on the iCloud i.d. To backup using iCloud i.d navigate to

Settings > iCloud > Backup and then tap on Back Up Now.

2-Backup using iTunes

Another method to backup your data is through iTunes. Connect your device with iTunes after connect down to Backup portion select this computer option and then click backup now. Time taken will depend upon your data size, wait for it to complete

Downgrade from iOS 8 to 7. 1. 2:-

Follow these steps carefully then you will be done,steps are given for all devices support

First you need ios 7. 1. 2 for your supported device,download from here
Connect your device and wait for itunes pop-up automatically (if not comes then open it manually)
Put your device in DFU mode
Itunes will say your deice is in recovery mode,tap OK and and hold the left SHIFT (PC) or Alt/Option (Mac) button then click the ‘Restore’ button.
Select the file you have downloaded in first step
Follow OK for window bar which says this will remove all your data etc
Wait for extraction and wait more for the device to be restored
After restoring process is done you have done with downgrade,Choose your appropriate method to backup your device

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