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Facebook latest update regarding Profile Picture

Recently Facebook team updated the social network and made some really big changes regarding Profile picture privacy. About 70 percent of Facebook users don’t like to put privacy on their profile pictures aka DP, but the remaining users do like to make their DP Private.

Whether it is to block offensive comments from some of your annoying friends on facebook or you don’t want your picture to be in evil hands. In some regions, making picture of a woman is still prohibited and the privacy setting allowed those women to use their own picture as DP without any social issue.

What is the update really about?

After the update came out, recently, Now anyone can click on your profile picture and watch and even save your profile picture for future evil use. Previously this thing can be blocked by setting the privacy of your profile picture as “only me”. Doing so made your profile picture un-clickable but now its clickable.

Still you can block comments by setting the privacy as “only me”, but can’t block a full size view of your DP. This update also included some minor changes in the layout of comments. Now they appear Latest-first order.

How to make your DP safe after this update.

After this update, most of people would like to make their DP safe or not reusable. We’ve have found a way to that as well. You can re-size your DP into a 180×180 pixels size, this is the minimum size Facebook allows you to upload as DP. This would NOT make your Profile picture un-clickable but the image quality would be only good in that size. even if someone saved your DP in computer, The person wouldn’t be able to reuse it, because of the quality drop.

You can also do the same in an online image editor, but we wouldn’t suggest you any editor as this may become a security related argument below.

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