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Finally A Facebook App For Low End Phones

Facebook is a social networking site and people around the world use this web to interact with each other. Facebook didn’t only limited to web browser, it have official apps on different platforms as well. Facebook for Android updated many times in the past year and brings new features all the time with its update but as it get updated, it’s size in MBs get increases and becomes heavier with every single update. Users who got legacy and less ram smartphones can not handle this and started lagging all the time. As IĀ also have a 512mb ram smartphone so I can tell you more better that the facebook app unfortunately doesn’t work good with it and I have to use the browser instead.

Thanks to facebook developer team that they have realized the problems of the low end smartphone users and just released the all new official Facebook Lite application which size is really jaw dropping, its just 252Kb. This app surely gonna help the users of smartphones with less ram to use facebook on app without freezing other apps.

facebook lite apk

This is a great move by Facebook Inc. to regather the audience who stopped using the main application of facebook for android because of it’s size and sometimes useless updates.

Currently Facebook Lite is only available in Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Sudan, Nigeria, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. It is currently not available in the the regions which are not in the list above. For the regions which it is available for can install this app from google play store.

facebook app for low end smartphones

And the users which are not based in these regions can wait for its availability or if they are very excited and impatient then they can simply visit this link to download facebook lite apk.


By Daniyal Sheikh

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