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How to get Maximum speed on Utorrent

uTorrent is a very small bittorrent client for windows, android and linux users, as it is not yet available for iOS              users. Torrent is a technology which allows you to Download whatever you want to download but it work a lot differently than traditional download. When the word “Download” comes in front of you, the first thing comes in a geek’s mind is a Server-Client structure, but Torrent works exactly opposite as it makes use of Peer-to-peer structure.


How Torrent Works?

Torrent is a small file with the extension *.torrent. Their are hundreds of millions of these .torrent files on the internet. Many Site’s host these torrent files and provide them to users. Actually these small are of only a few kilobytes and only has the “Address” of the files you want to Download.

Torrents was made only for those who want to share data among many users. While any person is downloading it, he would be called as a leecher. And when the download completes, and he starts to upload that data, he becomes a Seeder.

For example a torrent has 500 Leechers and 1500 Seeders, it means that that torrent is being Downloaded by 500 users around the world and being uploaded by 1500 users. If the number of seeder is more than the number of leechers, then the torrent is considered as healthy torrent and you can download that.

Actually, The downloader of any torrent is also uploading the data he has downloaded, to help others complete their download. Sounds Gimmicky but it is, what it is.

How to get maximum Speeds on Torrent

Here the topic is about to get maximum speed on utorrent which is shown to you just with images. Do same settings to get maximum speed on utorrent and get maximum downloading, check out the screen shots :-

1- Open you torrent and then click on Option > Preferences > General

How to get Maximum speed on Utorrent

2- Set these settings too in UI Settings

get Maximum speed on torrent

3- Set these settings in Directories tab

increase speed on Utorrent

4- Set these settings in next tab now

increase download speed on Utorrent

5- Set these settings in next tab now

Increase download speed on torrent

6- Go to Bit torrent tab and check out these settings

How to get Maximum speed on Utorrent

7- Go to Transfer Cap tab and apply these changes

Increase download speed

8- In Queuing tab apply these changes

Increase download speed

9- In Scheduler tab ( Not changes need )


10- No changes need in


Skip Paired devices and label tab, come to the Advance pannel and set these settings carefully,

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

After adding these settings to your utorrent apply all these changes and then you will feel better downloading speed.

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