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How to find Clone of any Chinese Phone?


Local Smartphone companies such as QMobile, MicroMax, Voice and other manufacturers are importing Smartphones from Chinese Manufacturers. These Smartphones are available in many other countries with different Company Name and different Model Numbers. It’s been quite difficult to find out other Versions a.k.a Clones of these Phones.

People try to peek into different Popular Chinese Manufacturers Websites and find the clones by matching Specs and looks. This process may work sometimes but its quite difficult to find a clone by this way.

Question Remains the same:

How to Find Clone of any Chinese Phone?

Now has brought to you the 1st and only way of finding these Versions easily and Accurately. You simply need the following things to find Clone of any Chinese Phone.

  1. Complete Specs Sheet of the Phone you want to find Cone of.
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Access to
  4. And a Special Formula to put in Google Search.

Here I will demonstrate Finding  Clone of Qmobile i10 but this goes same for all Chinese smartphones.

Guide begins for How to find Clone of any Chinese Phone?

Step 1: First of all I’ll find Full Specs of the Given Phone, Qmobile i10 in this case. To do so I’ll go to Official Site of Qmobile and search for Qmobile i10. The thing I am going to find is the Dimensions of the Phone. Dimensions of a phone is the only thing that can not overlap with any other Smartphone.

How to find Clone of any Chinese Phone?


Step 2: Now I’ll simply search the dimensions in Google Search. Hang on, The following screen is giving output of the Qmobile i10 but I am looking for the clone of it.

How to find Clone of any Chinese Phone?


Step 3: Here is the step which will do the Magic. Google has some hidden features which most of the people don’t even know a bit about. The Modification that I am going to do here is to simply subtract the actual Company, Qmobile in my Case, out of the search. To do this, I am going to add Qmobile, Noir, A10 with a Minus sign like in the image given below.

This will tell Google Not to Show results with the words having a minus sign.

How to find Clone of any Chinese Phone?


That’s it. I’ve found Re-branded version a.k.a Clone of Qmobile i10. Which is Mito Fantasy 2 A75 in this case.

If you have any Question or any problem finding Phone’s Clone, just tell us your problem in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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