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JellyLock7 Top Rated Cydia Tweak

There are many cydia tweaks but there are some of which are very useful some of these are for fun.We have found Jellylock7 the most top rated tweak by the users. Jellylock was not compatible with that of ios 7 but now this app is much customized and is compatible with the iOS 7

Jellylock7 is now available on cydia for free. Jellylock7 allow its users to assign 5 different app. Each app include the badges with numbers of missed notifications.This allow to open your favourite app without unlocking the device from lockscreen

Steps to get this tweak for free:-

1- Open Cydia

2- Tap search

3- Type Jellylock7

4- Tap install form right corner

5- Respring your device


To add apps on your lockscreen of iOS device you will need to go to Jellylock7 settings panel. From here you can assign your favourite apps, 1 to 5 apps can be added on lockscreen

Latest Top Rated Cydia Tweak

You can adjust your apps by numbers of shortcuts.Manage your favorite app on your favorite number. This can manage upto 5 apps for shortcut.For ipad this tweak is designed also in landscape mode.

Latest Top Rated Cydia Tweak

Jellylock7 is much useful tweak and it is top-rated. I also advice you to use this tweak. This tweak is free in repo. Thanks to  Max Katzmann, the tweak’s developer,

By Shaeel Iqbal

Love to write about Apple but i like iPhone more than all Apple devices. Sharing with you all the best i know about iOS.

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