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LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Head To Head Comparison

Well we are today comparing the two most beautiful flagships by LG and Samsung. This will be a very closely monitoring of both LG G3 and Samsung Note 4 pros and cons. We have also reviewed note 4 before, check it out hereSo lets consider a question that which one of these is better and why?lgsammyvs

Design And Build Quality

For sure the both beasts are sleek and attractive smartphones. Still Note 4 is not so far from the traditional design of samsung smartphones specially flagships but some changes have been made in it. Metallic frame has been a tremendous change in note 4 which makes it evolve from note 3 and S5. The back panel of Note 4 is same like Note 3’s back panel which is a leatherette plastic panel. The sleek edges and silverlines add a classy look to it. 15474986841_fbaaae4f02_z

On the other side if we consider LG G3, Its come with curved back panel which makes it more easy to fit in user hands as compared to Note 4 and it is also a smaller device in size than note 4. Whereas LG G3 have a metallic back cover and have all the hardware buttons at its back.  lg32


This is the main point where the fun starts. The LG G3 comes with a first 5.5″ QHD Display having the pixels more than your television that is 2560x 1440 pixels, It was stunning quality but here it have some issues, it was less bright when compared to Note 4 but still its softer tone was amazing. Galaxy Note 4 also have a QHD 5.7″ Amoled Display but less density/pixels as compared to G3. But it have more high brightness, contrast and saturation which makes it the best display we have ever seen.

Some Special Features

Galaxy Note 4 comes with a stylus S-pen feature which is common in note phones but this time it is turned into a razor sharp accessory. It also features a heart rate sensor, a finger scanner sensor on home button and three microphones for smart gesturing. Lg G3 loaded with a laser auto-focus camera lens and Knock on, double tap to wake. Knock Code feature is also included in g3 which secures your phone with super security code for lockscreen.


As we all know these both comes with Android Kitkat as their operating system but have different android based softwares, which they used to add more features and make their branding a class. Samsung this time makes touchwiz a great android based os as they have packed it with so excellent features like download booster which let users combine their data and wifi for maximum high speeds when downloading and much more features inside we will discuss later. mgeeky-Galaxy-Note-4-home-screen-settings

LG G3 also offers some cool features with its refreshed optimus user interface which is based on 4.4.4 kitkat. Simple clean Ui and removeable pre-installed apps are the two amazing features which g3 optimus user interface offers. It also have knock on and knock code feature with smart gestures and all other goodies.mgeeky-LG-G3-Software-1


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have slightly better specs table than g3 but smoothness and stability is in G3 whereas note 4 struggles as it have Touchwiz but we are not saying that it will lag or crashes but still touchwiz is less smoother. But both are stable and fast and can handle furious tasks which they given.

Now coming to hardware sheet, Note 4 rocking a Snapdragon 805 Quadcore chip with Adreno 420 Gpu or its another version comes with Exynos 5 Octa core chip with Mali T760 Gpu. Both have same RAM i.e., 3GB and supports LTE. Lg G3 comes with Snapdragon 801 Quadcore cpu with 330 Gpu. 32GB version of G3 have 3GB RAM whereas 16GB version have only 2GB RAM. Now after comparing them hardware wise, Note 4 is beating G3 clearly. But still G3 haven’t lags up till now according to user reviews but some reports said that note 4 did some lags.


Samsung adds a 16MP Sony camera with optical optimization which making it a great camera and making it produce some quality pictures. On the other hand Lg G3 have 13MP OIS with laser auto-focus camera to  take photos with fast focus and clearer object pictures. G3’s have Dual led flash whereas note 4 comes with single led flash.Mgeeky-Galaxy-Note-4-LG-G3-c

In day light both phones gives impressive results but G3’s camera have more accuracy and focused. Note 4’s HDR gives cool result but in low light G3’s camera gives some excellent results. G3’s camera gives more life colors as compared to note 4. Note 4 camera have noisy issue also. Now it depends on you if you want photography than G3 will be a good choice.

Specs Table

- Great features including ISO, HDR, Panorama and white balance- Not all these features will be available for some android
- Simple UI- Bugs you to install photo editing software
- Extra cool additions like burst-mode, Brilliant focus and expo bracketing- Gives random messages
- Totally Free to use but have in-app purchases

Final Verdict

If you want a good smartphone with good hardware, display and feel than go for note 4 but if you want a smoother software and camera for photography than go for G3. But here what is gamechanger is the battery of Note 4 is which is better than G3.

However, you have to pay 300$ extra for these things which i think users heart will make them feel that G3 is better. Choice is yours.

By Daniyal Sheikh

I am an experienced android developer and technology lover who loves to write about any topic related to technology. In short em a technology freak!

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