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Official CM12 Nightlies For Nexus 9

The latest tablet by Google, Nexus 9 is one of the best tablets available right now in markets. It is manufactured by Htc and comes with the stock android lollipop experience and now it is running on 5.0.2 update. Since it’s launch, it get much attention from consumers and many people bought this tablet, many rooted it and installed custom recoveries for experiencing different custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, Paranoid etc. There are different 5.0.2 based custom roms available for it and also the unofficial builds of CM12 can be installed on it but nexus 9 was missing in the official builds of CM12 by cyanogen Inc.

CyanogenMod is basically a series of custom roms officially available for many high-end smartphones and it is the most famous after market firmware among the android community.cm12 nightlies for nexus 9

Today cyanogen Inc releases the official CM12 nightlies for nexus 9. It is a warm welcome addition to the custom roms available and still in beta stage as the stable official builds of cyanogenmod 12 isn’t available right now. You will experience some glitches but it will give fair performance. Remember that you will need an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery installed your nexus 9 and if something went wrong, flash back to stock factory image.

You can grab the cm12 nightlies for nexus 9 here and the GApps package can be downloaded from here. To flash these cm12 nightlies on nexus 9, just download the latest cm12 build and gapps package and transfer them to sdcard, boot into custom recovery and flash the both zip files one by one and then reboot to start the system.

If you try these builds, do comment about the bugs and other feedback for other fellows who are willing to flash these nightlies.

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