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PTCL introduce a New Messenger App

PTCL being Pakistan’s biggest share holder in Telecom sector, has most number of internet users. Recently PTCL introduced a new App for Android users and named it as Smart Link. This app allows users to make voice calls, Video Calls, Watch smart TV, and do other useful stuff all from your Android Device.

Features of PTCL Smart Link

  1. Users can transfer incoming calls to their Smartphones or tablets if the landline number is busy.
  2. Users of this app may also transfer incoming calls to their Android Devices after No Answer.
  3. Smart TV subscribers can watch 150+ TV Channels on their Android device anywhere.
  4. Users can Make Free App-to-App Voice and Video calls to any other Smart Link user.
  5. Users can call Mobiles, Landline, Vfone and International calls at standard rates. Charges will apply to the Landline Bill.

Requirements for PTCL Smartlink

  1. Only broadband users can avail this offer. 4Mbps was the minimum required subscription require but Now every broadband subscriber can avail this offer.
  2. SmartTV feature will only work for subscribers of PTCL Smart TV.
  3. You need to Register and have to provide all the details including CNIC number, Account Name, Account ID and other sensitive details before this service being activated.
  4. PTCL representative will call at your PTCL Landline number and will verify your details and provide you with the commands used to activate the incoming call diversion.

Final Words about PTCL SmartLink App

This is a really great initiative by PTCL to distribute load between Landline and Broadband. Readers are recommended to use this app. If you find any difficulty using or setting up this App, You can call 1218 for complaint registration. There are no charges for the usage of this app currently.

If you have any Question, or any problem you can also write it in the comments section below and we’ll try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Suggestions and criticism are also more then welcome.

PTCL introduce a New Messenger App

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