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The Top Battery Draining Apps On Android

Recent research lists the top ten apps which are draining your battery most, so what to avoid?

Latest research about android lists the ten apps which are causing your battery so fast drainage and running you out of battery before the end of the day. This research was conducted in mid of 2014 and the apps which are listed below, each have over 1 million downloads on google play.

Top Ten Battery Draining Apps:

  1. AllShareCast Dongle S/W update
  2. ChatON voice and video chat
  3. Beaming service for beepngo
  4. Magic app: Free Calls
  5. Samsung Watchon tablet
  6. Facebook
  7. Path
  8. pps for mobile
  9. Vault hide SMS, pics and Video
  10. GoLauncher/Live wallpaper app

The top two come straightly from samsung and those people who are using non-rooted samsung can not delete these apps also watchON stands at 5 which is also can’t be deleted. Well this is really disgusting for people who are using costly samsung devices and they got to know about these culprit apps.

Now coming to other culprits and check facebook app which is ranked at number 6 which is not shocking for us as we all know facebook’s android app is not up to the mark and almost everyone have problems with it. User reviews present at play store can tell you whole story which we telling you here.

Now the next app which is mostly used by users is Go Launcher and wallpapers so we recommend to stop using these services as these causing your battery life get shorter. You can follow our recommendations to get your battery life last longer.


  •  Download and install ‘Du Battery Saver’ from play store and use it to disable some extra services.
  • If you are rooted, delete all bloatwares which comes pre-installed from company like one clean, NQ security etc.
  • Download auto run manager from play store and use its basic mode if you are non-rooted.
  • Download and install ‘Greenify’ from play store and use it to hibernate all the apps. it will save your battery and also optimize your ram.

The above research was conducted by  AVG and is the courtesy of CNET. Avg further reveals more stats about the apps which are top apps which slow downs your phone’s  performance and make your storage low, we will tell you in next post about them.

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