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How to get Unlimited VPN for iOS |Custom Settings + Via App

VPN offers much better browsing than the web site of vpn. By VPN you can surf the websites easily which are blocked in your area by any institute or have blocked for the country

Vpn encrypts your internet traffic and able you to visit blocked sites

Benifits of VPN :-

*Unblock websites

*Hide IP address

*Unblock Youtube

*Anonymous Surfing

Here the topic is about how to get unlimited VPN for iOS. Hotspot shield VPN, SpotFlux and other apps are available on Apple Appstore but after a trial of 7 days you have to pay in order to use it more.

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There is a trick to get unlimited free VPN. It does not matter on which iOS version are running if you are running on iOS 7 it is well and good. However you are running on iOS 3 or iOS 6 you can enjoy this trick for unlimited VPN. Dont worry about the iOS version simply follow the

Guide line for trick :

1-First go to the settings

2-Navigate to General

3- Tap profile and delete it you have already install any one VPN profile

4- If there is not any profile installed then back to general and tap the VPN option

5-Tap Add VPN configuration

6-Now tap PPTP

Here you can add the manual configuration to enjoy unlimited VPN

Fill the form as filling information given below

* Description :- 1 Server UK

* Server :-

* Account :-

*  Dont set on the RSA SecurlID

* Password :- freevpn

*Encryption level should be Auto

* Sure that all traffic must set to on

How to get unlimited VPN on iOS for free?

Save your settings and get back to the main settings panel and now turn the VPN on wait for this to on

How to get unlimited VPN on iOS for free?

Now Open safari and enter the site address you want to browse, Suppose I want to browse or

After a minute the site says you to Agree the free PPTP proxy tap the “I Agree” and enjoy


By Shaeel Iqbal

Love to write about Apple but i like iPhone more than all Apple devices. Sharing with you all the best i know about iOS.

1 reply on “How to get Unlimited VPN for iOS |Custom Settings + Via App”

Mr. Iqbal,

This might come in handy, thanks for the free option.

I often pondered the need for a VPN, especially if you already have a private wifi setup from your paid ISP provider. At the cost of these services, your provider should guarantee secure and private connection. Yes security and privacy are symbiotic and you can’t have one without the other. Current security uses IPV6 protocol and the most elaborate encryption as of current. The VPN craze seems like another Tech scam to get people to pay more for a protection they should already be provided with. Yes I read about Snowden and supposed Shenagins via NAS and others. But “come on” they are only searching for keywords that warrant further investigation for very good reasons. I don’t think they care if your looking at Granny Bossoms or Streaming free movies.

Although it’s the ever growing Oligarchy, I am concerned about. Which is purely for profit and if anyone should profit from ones own private information…It should be that individual who profits. When Religion, Government and Business cohabitate into a worldwide system, is when all matters of freedom become extinguished and that of individual liberties! That’s the very least of problems at that point however, biggest issue becomes ones Countenance!

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