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World’s first Bulletproof Smartphone Huawei Honor 6 plus

Recently Huawei announced world’s first bulletproof smartphone, named it Honor 6 Plus. Actually the phone is not made of any special bulletproof alloy, It’s backpanel is made of a special Plastic which is designed to stop bullets. The phone is not bulky as you might think.

Huawei announced its Honor brand specifically for smartphones during 2013 and now the company has gone 1 step ahead in safty. You can check its video where the Honor 6 Plus is being tested for bulletproof test.

I can’t say whether it has any real-life benefits or not, but for the sake of the buzz its more than enough. I would call it a specs-stunt. But the Honor 6 Plus is not an underdog by any means. It has all the power to compete with any current flagship Smartphone in the market. Will this Bulletproof thing work for or against the company?

The specifications of Honor 6 Plus are listed below

Galaxy S6 Leaked Specs:
Screen: Quad HD, 2560X1440 display, though nothing has been offered about screen size. 5.3-5.5 inches might be logical given the LG G3’s size.
Camera: IMX240 sensor; (same as the Note 4), with Samsung toying between 16 and 20 megapixels, possibly the 16 with OIS. The front camera will be 8mp.
Storage: 32, 64, 128GB variants. Yes 16GB has purportedly been eliminated
CPU Variant 1: Exynos 7420 Octa-Core 64-Bit with possible internally developed LTE modem. Presumably for Korea and select markets.
CPU Variant 2: Snapdragon 810 64-Bit. Presumably for most markets including North America, Europe, and most of Asia.
Additional: Broadcom BCM4773 chip that will integrate various sensors including GPS together on one chip to reduce battery drain
Model Variations: SM-G920x, SM-G925x (replace x with the regional/carrier letter of your choice).

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